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Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van designs and produces detailed painted wooden toys. Stylish aesthetics and high play value encourage real learning through imaginative play. Le Toy Van creates award winning traditional toys in a number of iconic ranges from collectable characters through to classic dolls houses. All Le Toy Van toys are designed in the UK and ethically made in Indonesia using responsibly sourced materials.


Arks  The Ark range is our colourful collection of cognitive toys, to help with dexterity, getting the child to either picture match, shape match or both. This range is also great for role play and imaginative play.  These are unique, hand-finished, poseable, collectable characters are for the Le Toy Van playsets or lovely on their own. They are all approximately 10cm in size  Our castles brings history to life, with this highly detailed collection, each castle has clever moving parts that takes role play to the next level of enjoyment  View Collection Accessories Available  This is our range of beautifully finished and designed dolls houses, with wonderfully designed motifs, opening window shutters/ doors and floral window boxes, fully decorated inside and out.    Having these extras in a dolls house brings reality to a childs imagination, making them feel like they have something to care for and protect, but also increasing imaginative play.  Welcome to Farm & Animals this is our collection of stables, sheds and barns, giving an enviroment that allows a child to look after their animal collection    This range is a collection of motors, planes and garages. It allows a child to become a mechanic, a driver and even contrustion specialists, through colourful robust garages, toy cars/ planes, diggers and tool benches.  Honeybake, is our daily life themed toys such as child friendly wooden domestic goods which includes, washing mashines, ovens/hobs, kitchen sinks and ironing sets.   Petilou is one of our newest collections which is a range of wooden toys for children age 1-2+ this range purely focuses on what children need for a healthy development through play  This is our pirate collection, we have designed some beautifully detailed pirate ships for two different age ranges 18+ and 3+.    Playmats  Playmats are a great addition to our exsisting wooden toys, it extends the play value of our products increasing imaginative play. The benefits of these play mats the can be rolled up and stored easily